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Roofing Services
Roofing Services


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Get excellent residential roofing services at Daniel E. Hoag Construction. Daniel will personally visit your home for a one-on-one consultation, thoroughly inspect your roof, and take measurements because he knows the importance of quality in designing your custom roof replacement. On full roof replacements we take pride in setup to include protecting your home and landscaping so that it looks the same as when we arrived. Removal of old roofing is done systematically pulling all nails and staples. Installation is done with attention to detail by my Professionally Trained Installers. We always magnetically sweep the ground and remove any debris in the gutters to complete your custom roofing experience. Visit our Roofing FAQ page for any questions you may have!

Fulfill Your Roofing Needs Today

  • Free Inspection and Consultation with Recommendation
  • Tear-off and New Roofing Installation
  • Vent Calculation for Proper Airflow
  • Dry Rot Repair / Leaking
  • Skylight Installation
  • Gutter Installation
  • Metal Flashing

Roofing Services

Daniel will personally visit your home for a one-on-one free consultation providing homeowners with a roof inspection and to discuss recommendations.

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Roof Inspection and Services

Daniel E Hoag Construction provides a variety of roofing services. For existing roof, a thorough roof inspection typically results in the following recommendations:

  1. Roof & Gutter Cleaning
    • Removal of Existing Organic Material on Shingles and Gutters
    • Preventative Growth Treatment Application
  2. Dry Rot Repair
    • Dry Rot Removal and New Material Installation
  3. New Roof Required
    • New Shingles
    • New Metal Flashing
    • Additional Venting (if needed)
  4. Additional Services (Optional)
    • New Gutter Installation / Replacement
    • Skylight Installation

New Roofing Product Information

  • Longevity: We offer different grades of roofing shingles based on our clients’ preference and needs.
  • Style: Products come in a selection of color and profile.
  • Warranty: Roofing shingles come standard with warranty.
  • Transferability: Warranty will honor a (1) one-time transfer by original property owner to the first subsequent owner.

New Roofing System Procedure

  1. Roof Measurements: Precise measurements are calculated to determine square footage of new shingle material and metal flashing. Vent ratio is also calculated for proper attic ventilation.
  2. Lab Testing of Existing Roof: Oregon Law Requires Asbestos Analytical Testing for Roofing Materials. A small sample of your existing roofing will be tested for asbestos. This is done prior to new roofing material being delivered.
  3. Scheduling:
    • 1st Schedule is for Material Delivery
    • 2nd Schedule is for Project Start Date
  4. Material Delivery: All Material is ordered and delivered prior to the start date for project proficiency.
  5. Protecting Your Home: We know the importance of protecting your home while we work. Our team takes pride in keeping your house and landscaping protected throughout your project.
  6. Removal of Old Roofing System: Old roofing and metal flashing are removed and disposed of providing the homeowner with complete care from beginning to end. If dry rot is present it will be removed and replaced with new material during this time.
  7. Trained Professionals: Each team member has designated duties and is trained in their field of expertise. Our certified installers ensure that your project is done properly.
  8. Project Duration: Daniel E Hoag Construction is committed to the entirety of each project. We believe our clients deserve a job that is done accurately and expeditiously.

Call us at 503-277-8642    or    Schedule a Free Consultation

Quality Malarkey Roofing Products

  • Weather Performance Materials - NexGen: Unlike standard shingles, which can prematurely age and crack, Malarkey’s Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) Technology combines high-grade asphalt with advanced polymers to rubberize shingles for exceptional all-weather performance and durability.
  • NexGen Products are Environmentally Friendly: UV Activated Photocatalytic Coated Granules are the industry’s first smog-reduction shingle. An average size roof has the smog-reducing equivalent of 2 or more trees.
  • Resists Organic Growth and Black Streak Prevention: Roof shingle granules are infused with a minimum 10% copper ratio to prevent organic growth. Copper is resistant to organic growth and reduces black streaks caused by algae. Granule options include AR (Algae Resistant) and Scotchgard 3M Protector.

Malarkey Shingles are superior due to the next gen Modified AR shingle technology which holds up to the contraction and expansion of the Pacific Northwest Climate. If you are interested in learning more information about Malarkey Roofing Products, please click on the Malarkey link.

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